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A-Bee Honey







Educational Videos



Complete Super Assembled 

Super 9 5/8" deep (10666) 

10 frames (11780)

10 Sheets Foundation (15879)

      Total  Price:  $65.00



Other Beekeeping Tools & Equipment



Bee Gloves


Goat Skin Ventilated Leather


12496     Small


12497     Medium


12498     Large


12499     X Large



Orders are taken over the phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)


Protective Clothing

Bee Jacket with Fencing Veil (specify size)


17692     Small


17691     Medium


17690     Large


17689     Extra Large


17745     XX Large




Bee Jacket with Hat and Veil (specify size)


17347     Small


17346     Medium


17345     Large 


17344     Extra Large


17540     XX Large 



See Pictures below

13126     Straps For Legs of Coveralls

$  6.00

12805     Bee Hive Tool


15239     4" x 9"   Smoker


15206     Spur Embedder


15001     Frame Grip


16147     Wiring Device





15206     Spur Embedder


15001     Frame Grip


12805     Bee Hive Tool




16147     Wiring Device



Smoker - 15239



Feeding Instructions for sugar syrup (please email us)


Orders are taken over the phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)



Call for all orders:  505-286-4843


Email us at:  ed@nmhoney.com



Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees


All counties in New Mexico offer an agricultural exemption for land owners who place bee colonies on their properties for the production of bee products (listed as honey in the state tax codes).


We are assisting land owners to help them meet the requirements for each county to qualify for an agricultural exemption.  This includes selling beehives, providing colony management and offering hands on training. 


We are including documents from the New Mexico Tax Assessors office as links in the right hand column under New.  Click on a link to take you to a form or a link.


New Mexico stipulates that the first 1/2 acre with home does not qualify for the exemption, but the balance of the land does.  If you would like more information on agricultural exemptions in your county please email us at:  ed@nmhoney.com and tell us which county and state you live in.



We have posted the following video from our Albuquerque Beekeeping Class on Property Tax Exemption for Agriculture (Honeybees)


Property Tax Exemption for Agriculture



Nucs with queensWe have Italian queens.  The Italian queens are bred for the hygenic nature.   Click here to go to the page on purchasing bees.


Bee Removal and Swarm Removal  Bees in your home, yard, or any place on your property?  We have 46 years of beekeeping experience and we are also licensed for pest control.  Check out our page on swarms and removing bees.


What is Bee Pollen?


Spring, Summer and fall 2014:  honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  


What Does It Cost to Become a Beekeeper:  

Click here to see a chart of items every beginner will need to keep bees.  These prices are taken from the latest Bee Supply Catalogs.



Where to Purchase:

Pollen & Honey By Zip Code


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Mailing Address   
P.O. Box 903
Edgewood, New Mexico 87015
Email Address:  Ed@nmhoney.com





Links to NM Tax Assessors Forms and Regulations:


Property Tax NM

Claim for Exemption of property

Claiming Exemption

Definition of Agriculture

Santa Fe County Assessor 

Bernalillo County Assessor

Application for Exemption

Valuation For Agricultural Purposes



How to reduce your Property Taxes with Honey Bees


Beekeeping Archives

George Imirie's Pink Pages




Our honey is produced in various yards throughout NM and Colorado. 


Our primary yards are in Albuquerque, Belen, Corrales, Edgewood, Las Cruces, Los Lunas,  Alcalde and Taos




Honey Bee Swarms

Swarm Removal

Bee Removal

Bumble bees, yellow jackets,

paper wasps,

ground nesting bees and

honey bees


Again for 2014:  


Honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  Click here for more information.  Where to Buy Honey & Pollen by Zip Code


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