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Two Queen Hive Management With Package Bees


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Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees 

a video has been posted at this link from the Albuquerque Beekeeping Class 2017



The Bee Health app is based on current scientific knowledge to address honey bee diseases and pests. It is a handy resource to help beekeepers and other users to detect, diagnose, manage and treat honey bee diseases and pests. It includes pictures and treatment options which will aid beekeepers in adopting appropriate pest management practices. Thus, beekeepers can improve bee health and enhance on-farm food safety and biosecurity practices in their operations.

Download the free Bee Health app from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry today.Click Here



 Wholesale Pricing for Nucs 2019

Prices are subject to change (see Note)



1 to 3


4 to 9


10 to 19


20 to 99





Call us if you are interested in becoming a distributer of our bees and hive equipment.

We are now manufacturing wooden ware and selling Pierco frames.  We will post prices soon


Orders are taken by phone:  505-286-4843

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We accept major credit cards


4 Frame Nucs (See Wholesale pricing above) are placed in a 4 frame nucleus hive and includes a queen, 4 frames which are a combination of drawn comb with bees, brood, honey (nectar in various stages of ripening), and pollen.  We have taken the risk out of installing package bees for you in a nuc and have insured that the queen is a good laying queen with a good brood pattern.   When installing package bees there is a risk that the bees will act like a swarm and leave the hive after a few days.  With the presence of open brood the bees will not leave.  All you will need to do is transfer the contents of the nuc to you your Langstroth equipment.  You may also keep your bees in the nuc for several weeks before transferring.


Why our nucs are a great value:  

Our nucleus hives have more added value then other nucleus hives for the following reasons.   As a general rule queen breeders place queen cells in mini nucs (6"x6"x8") with 1 to 3 cups of bees until the queen is mated.  Our 48-hour old grafted queen cells are placed in 4 frame nucleus beehives and allowed to hatch and lay in the nucleus hive.  Other nuc producers will insert a caged mated Queen, we do not do this.  Our queens are much better accepted and lay good brood patterns that we verify before shipping.  Using this method of making our nucleus hives have reduced queen supercedure that can set back of a hive by 30 days or more.  Our early queens open mated in an apiary with more than 500 hives with good drone stock surrounding it in the Orange Groves in Bakersfield California.  Our summer Queens are bred in isolated apiaries with our own drone stock in New Mexico. 


Availability of BEES are all dependent on WEATHER and other factors which are out of our control.

Note:  Prices are subject to changePrice increases from package bee suppliers for 2019 have increased by 10%.  The prices list above are  our new 2019 prices and we will honor the above prices for orders placed and paid for before any new increases.  Prices have increased from suppliers at a rate of 8-10% per year over the last 10 years. 


We do not offer refunds on orders of package bees, nucs or nucs in a hive .  If you are not able to pick up your bees or accept delivery we will continue to hold the bees for you in a nuc or a single hive until a time when you can take receipt of them.  If you are transferring your order to another person please send us a notice of transfer.  Remember that PACKAGED BEES, QUEENS, Nucs and Hives is dependent on WEATHER and other factors which are out of our control.


Nucs are for pickup only in Belen, NM and

Mesa, AZ

or they are delivered to

pre-arranged locations in

New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, Oklahoma and Texas

Call for locations 505-286-4843

 Orders are taken by phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)



We accept major credit cards



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