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Educational Videos



Complete Super Assembled 

Super 9 5/8" deep (10666) 

10 frames (11780)

10 Sheets Foundation (15879)

      Total  Price:  $65.00


Other Beekeeping Tools & Equipment



Bee Gloves


Goat Skin Ventilated Leather


12496     Small


12497     Medium


12498     Large


12499     X Large


Orders are taken over the phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)


Protective Clothing

Bee Jacket with Fencing Veil (specify size)


17692     Small


17691     Medium


17690     Large


17689     Extra Large


17745     XX Large




Bee Jacket with Hat and Veil (specify size)


17347     Small


17346     Medium


17345     Large 


17344     Extra Large


17540     XX Large 



See Pictures below

13126     Straps For Legs of Coveralls

$  6.00

12805     Bee Hive Tool


15239     4" x 9"   Smoker


15206     Spur Embedder


15001     Frame Grip


16147     Wiring Device





15206     Spur Embedder


15001     Frame Grip


12805     Bee Hive Tool




16147     Wiring Device



Smoker - 15239



Feeding Instructions for sugar syrup (please email us)


Orders are taken over the phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)



Call for all orders:  505-286-4843


Email us at:  ed@nmhoney.com



Taking Orders for 2016


Single Hive with Bees*





Our Single Hive with Bees is an 8 or 10 frame hive body with a fall queen,  Frames are a combination of drawn comb with bees, brood, honey (nectar in various stages of ripening), and pollen. Most frames are fully drawn and full.   


When our bees are finished pollinating almonds in CA in mid March we move them into orange groves.  We place a queen excluder between the two hive bodies.  After one week we look for the hive body that the queen is laying in.  We remove this hive body, put on a temporary transportation top and bottom and deliver these hives to select locations across the southwest.  You can meet the truck at the location or if you are not able to pickup on that date a caretaker will hold the hive for you.  We are making special arrangements to have a caretaker at each location.


These queens are a fall 2015 queen.  It is difficult to get current season queens before May 1st.  All queens have bee committed for years by the commercial queen breeders to their package bee production and to major beekeepers.  We have had problems in the past getting queens intime to prevent our hives from swarming.  By dividing this way we can get deliveries out early in the season.  Our queens are installed in the fall which is best for the development of the hive for both fall, winter and spring.  Beekeepers should requeen in late summer and fall every year to prevent early spring swarming.


We have taken most of the risk out of developing a hive of bees for you and have insured that the queen is a good laying queen with a good brood pattern.  


When installing package bees there is a risk that the bees will act like a swarm and leave the hive after a few days.  With the presence of open brood the bees will not leave.  You do not need to transfer these bees into any other equipment.  This hive will expand on its' own with proper food resources.  These hives are delivered with a special top and bottom board for easy transportation with out endangering the hive of bees.  When you reach the location where you are setting up your bees just remove these two covers and place on your bottom board and put your top cover on the hive.  The frames in this hive have been arranged for optimum hive expansion.  NOTE:  You will need a second and third super as this is an actively growing hive (depending on food resources and hive management).


Orders are taken by phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)

We accept major credit cards

Availability of BEES are all dependent on WEATHER and other factors which are out of our control.


We do not offer refunds on orders of package bees, nucs or nucs in a hive .  If you are not able to pick up your bees or accept delivery we will continue to hold the bees for you in a nuc or a single hive until a time when you can take receipt of them.  If you are transferring your order to another person please send us a notice of transfer.  Remember that PACKAGED BEES, QUEENS, Nucs and Hives is dependent on WEATHER and other factors which are out of our control.


Nucs are for pickup only in Albuquerque, NM and Mesa, AZ

or they are delivered to

pre-arranged locations in

New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, California, Oklahoma and Texas

Call for locations


Complete Hive Assembled (Includes):


Migratory Pine Bottom (13504)

Migratory Top Board (cover) (14270)

Hive body 9 5/8" deep (10666) 

10 frames (11780)

10 Sheets Foundation (15879)

      Total  Price:  $110.00


Complete Hive Assembled With Bees:

Assembled Starter Kit with Queen, brood and BEES includes:
  • 1 - First Lessons in Beekeeping

  • 1 - bottom board, assembled

  • 2 - deep brood boxes w/frames and plasticell foundation, assembled

  • 1 - medium depth super w/frames and plasticell foundation, assembled

  • 1 - top cover, assembled (migratory top)

  • 1 - hive tool

  • 1 - 4x7 smoker (fuel is not included)

  • 1 - bee brush

  • 1 - plastic queen excluder

  • 1 - Boardman entrance feeder or division board feeder

  • 1 - ventilated leather gloves (State your SIZE)

  • 1 - Hat veil pullover combo

  • 4 frame nuc added to this hive (see description above)

Total  Price:  $580.00

Note:  Picture shows a telescoping cover, but a migratory cover is included instead.  See complete hive assembled above for migratory cover



More Equipment


Orders are taken by phone:  505-286-4843

(click here to order by email)



What is Bee Pollen?


Spring, Summer and fall 2015:  honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  


Where to Purchase:

Pollen & Honey By Zip Code


All  Products

Web Site - Online


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P.O. Box 903
Edgewood, New Mexico 87015
Email Address:  Ed@nmhoney.com

 Bee Removal and Swarm Removal  Bees in your home, yard, or any place on your property?  We have 49 years of beekeeping experience and we are licensed for pest control.  Check out our page on swarms and removing bees.



Beekeeping Classes


Beekeeping Classes


5 new classes have been added


Max's Bees Part 1


This is a video about a Top Bar Hive that has turned aggressive.  It is moved to a remote location and the honey and brood removed and the hive prepared to be converted to a Langstroth Hive and given a new queen.


Max's Bees Part 2


This is a continution of Part 1.  We cannot find the queen so a queen excluder is attached to the bottom of the super, elevated and the bees shaken in front of the hive.  We are preparing it to receive a new queen.


Max's Bees 3 

This is a continution of Part 1 & 2.  We have prepared the hive it to receive a new queen.  A queen is not available so we have taken a frame of eggs and young larva from a 2012 Carniolan Breeder queen and will insert it in the brood nest and then give the hive a 50/50 sugar water to help it get started.



Out of Print Beekeeping Books

Cornell University

E.F. Phillips Beekeeping Library



Emergency Assistance for

Honeybee Loss




Program Fact Sheets

ELAP pdf file


The deadline to file for Honeybee losses for 2015 is November 1, 2015


Bee Removal



We accept major credit cards



Beekeeping Classes


Reduce Your Property Taxes with Honey Bees  a video has been posted at this link from the Albuquerque Beekeeping Class 2015



Educational Videos

Page 2


How Packaged Bees Are Produced


Beekeeping Archives

George Imirie's Pink Pages




Our honey is produced in various yards throughout NM and Colorado. 


Our primary yards are in Albuquerque, Belen, Corrales, Edgewood, Las Cruces, Los Lunas,  Alcalde and Taos




Honey Bee Swarms

Swarm Removal

Bee Removal

Bumble bees, yellow jackets,

paper wasps,

ground nesting bees and

honey bees


Again for 2015:  


Honey and bee pollen by zip code in Albuquerque and surrounding area.  Click here for more information.  Where to Buy Honey & Pollen by Zip Code

We accept major credit cards


Educational Videos


Feeding Bees

Mary and Bill's Bees

Swarm Prevention

Where we get the Lumber for the Products we make

Feeding and Adding Supers for Expansion of the Brood Nest (Chamber)

Drone Comb Removal to Reduce Varroa Mites

Inspecting a hive that was formerly a Tear Out

Educational Papers

Supplemental Feeding of Honey Bee Colonies

 Updated Audio Version

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